A Surprise Package

Open, large, yellow envelope

By Pat Toomer

You called me late one afternoon with news you had been waiting for.

‘It’s arrived,’ you said. ‘Please, can you come over?’

‘Right. I’ll be there as soon as I can,’ I told you. ‘Is it good news then?’

‘I think so,’ you said.

I dashed across town and knocked on your door. You answered quickly and flung your arms around my neck.

‘Come in, come in,’ you said, dragging me down the passage.

You picked up a large envelope that was on the small timber table in the sitting room. Your hands shook when you passed it over to me. I took the package, and sat down on the nearest chair, and looked at your face. It was beaming, you looked so happy.

‘I found her,’ you said, dancing around the room. ‘After all these years of searching, I’ve found my mother.’

I smiled back, glad for you. 

‘Open it,’ she said. Now hopping up and down.

I did as you asked, and several things fell from that envelope onto my lap. Two photographs of a woman cuddling a newborn, her face quite sad. A letter and a gold locket.

‘Look inside the locket,’ you instructed. 

I struggled a little trying to pry open the small locket, and inside was a snipping of fine fuzzy hair. I looked up at you, your eyes filled with tears, that fell down your face.

‘How wonderful Jenny. You have waited so long for this.’ I said to you and asked what was in the letter.

You were so excited to tell me it was from your birth mother. She had been trying to find you for twenty years. She wants to meet you and tell her story.

‘Will you come with me to Melbourne?’ You ask. 

I stood up, went to you and put my arms around you. 

‘Of course I’ll come with you,’ I told you. And we clung together for a very long time.

That was fifty years ago. You found out that you were taken from her because she was unmarried, and unable to care for you. Your father worked hard, saved up and they eventually married and began looking for you immediately.  A sad, wonderful story. We found our own happiness together when you consented to marry me right after you found your parents. It has been a beautiful life, with you, my beautiful Jenny.