Spring Symphony

Orange and black butterfly on white and yellow daisy flower

By Jan Weldon-Veitch

As winter shakes his frosty head
and shrugs aside his grey surge coat,
he turns his back and walks away
from the quickening breath of spring.

The bare limbed trees no longer stare
stark and naked to the clouds,
their budding blooms soon bursting forth
with dancing blossoms in the breeze.

Green fingered leaves begin to grow
a covering of fine emerald hair,
where fledgling chicks spread fragile wings
in their lofty tree-house homes.

The warming earth starts to sigh
and pushes up through dampened soil,
nature’s miracle of life
that wafts sweet fragrance in the air.

The waltz of butterflies in flight
bright voyagers on jewelled wings,
flitter through dawn’s early light
to catch the first rays of the sun.

Honey Bees begin to hum
collecting nectar from the flowers,
Magpies herald to the morn,
the Symphony of spring is born!

© Jan Weldon-Veitch 2020