The Prize

By Jonathan Hawkins-Clarke

Small plane landing on bush airstrip

Arrived it did with all the other items in the sack,
there at the school in deep Australian outback.

The plane from Alice Springs had made its entry run
so the office staff would know to the airstrip come.

The mail bag for the school was duly collected
from the office and to the school protected.

Emptied and sorted to each and sundry as addressed.
Almost, as in a feeding frenzy of need, fully possessed.

Pigeon holes occasionally overflowing or not
as case should be with Australia Post in the plot.

This day there was a library care parcel goodies full,
with a much smaller one sitting with the letters pull.

Letters on this day with little of interest while the box
Held items of note as tasty as a fresh plate of lox.

A special case inside a cardboard sleeve without mark
and inside a gold Coca Cola coin arrived as on a lark.

Jonathan Hawkins-Clarke   copyright 14/4/2020

Author’s Note: RRRs exercise to write about a surprise package