September 2022

Rocky River ‘Riters’ reading for August was Force of Nature by Jane Harper. The reading for September is Truth by Peter Temple.

Members choose new words and phrases from readings they do in the month. Words included malapert, sycophanic, tufa, lascivious, gigolo, emulous, aposiopesis and insigilis.

Quotes included “Man makes time, dividing it into narrower and narrower portions as he needs it for living which becomes more and more complex in its demands..”

Rocky River ‘Riters’ newest book, Reflections, is available by contacting our secretary, or from Reflections in Crystal Brook, the Information Centre in Laura, or SFDC in Gladstone, for $15.

Each month there is a writing challenge to members to write about the topic for the following month’s meeting. This challenge is open to anyone who wishes to enter. The topic is given and a piece needs to be written to that topic before next meeting. If you wish to enter, please write a short piece of prose or poetry to the topic and send to our secretary at before September 6th. The challenge for August is to write about “The Gossip”.

We had another editing workshop as part of our programme for 2022. Dr Annette Marner ran this for us. An excellent day for all attenders. An enormous thank you to Annette for her efforts and time spent with us. Dr Marner has very generously offered to run another workshop for us.

Entries have been judged for the 2022 Laura Literary Awards. Winners were announced at the Laura Literary Awards presentation at the Diocesan Hall in Gladstone on the 13th of August. The Laura Literary Awards book of winners and runners up for 2022 is now available for $10. A very good turnout for the awards, where we had an excellent guest speaker, Trisha Stringer who captured her audience with her tales of writing her stories. Our Member of Parliament, Minister Geoff Brock was able to attend the event and has offered to continue to fund some of the literary awards.

Rocky River ‘Riters will be putting written pieces into the Gladstone Art Show (part of the Brush with Art tour) and have book productions available for purchase. This will be at the Gladstone Hall from the 10th of September until the 7th of October.

Rocky River ‘Riters’ meetings are in Gladstone the second Friday of every month. Please contact us for meeting information.

The creative writing meetings have been changed due to safety concerns with night driving. These meetings are now on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Diocesan Hall in Gladstone. The next session will be Saturday 24th September. (There won’t be one in August due to our workshop.)

Our next meeting will be on October 14th.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our group –       Phone 0417849441

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