Laura Literary Awards

$780 Prize Money

The Laura Literary Awards are co-ordinated by Rocky River ‘Riters.

Laura Literary Awards Entry Form 2021

Conditions of Entry

Entries close for the Laura Literary Awards 2021 on Friday 7th May 2021. Please post your entries well before closing date.



Section 1 – OPEN   A short story up to 1500 words, Prize $200
Section 2 – YOUNG ADULT (13-18 yrs) A short story up to 1200 words, Prize $50
Section 3 – JUNIOR (9-12 yrs)       A short story up to 800 words, Prize $25
Section 4 – JUNIOR PRIMARY (5-8 yrs) A short story up to 500 words, Prize $15

The CJ Dennis Poetry Awards:

Poem up to 60 lines for all sections

Section 5 – OPEN POETRY, Prize $200
Section 6 – OPEN BUSH POETRY, Prize $200
Section 7 – YOUNG ADULT POETRY (13-18 yrs), Prize $50
Section 8 – JUNIOR POETRY (9-12 yrs), Prize $25
Section 9 – JUNIOR PRIMARY POETRY(5-8 yrs), Prize $15

Congratulations and Thanks to all Entrants to the Laura Literary Awards.

Poetry and Prose sections Competition for 2020 now finalised, see Winners List below

List of winners from the Laura Literary Awards 2020

Section 1 Open Prose

Winner: Kerrin O’Sullivan,  “Trips”,  Middle Park, Vic               

Highly Commended: Andrew Nest,  “Skin Deep”,  Burwood East, Vic

Commended: Vicki Walker,  “One Day at a Time”,  Orange, NSW

Commended: J S Scholz,  “The Smell of Coffee”, Willunga, SA

Section 2 Young Adult Prose

Winner: Ellen Ivey,  Age 16, Hendrickson’s Academy for the Gifted, Leschenault, WA

Highly Commended: Chloe Henville,  Age 16, “A Rose-Tinted Home”,  Binnu, WA

Highly Commended: Chloe Henville, Age 16 ” The Living Canvas”, Binnu, WA 

Commended: Sophie Millard, Age 17,  “Please, I Am Begging You”, Gladstone, SA

Commended: Kelli Baker, Age 16,  “Only Later”,  Brinsmead, Qld

Section 3 Junior Prose

Winner: Julia Chan,  Age 10, “Midnight”, Brunswick, Vic                          

Highly Commended: Natalie Barr, Age 12, “The Beginning of the End”, Croydon Hills, Vic       

Highly Commended: Owen Siderius, Age 11,  “Lester’s Journey”,  North Nowra, NSW

Highly Commended: Anandini Sengupta,   Age 11, “My Endless Journey” Kolkata, West Bengal, India       

Commended: Marcus Lin, Age 9, “The Fat Hero “ Knox Grammar Prep School,  NSW

Commended: Adam D’Souza, Age 11,  “Shoot for Mars”, Rowville, Vic

Commended: Chayse  Sheather, Age 10, “Another Chance”, Brisbane Grammar School Qld

Section 4 Junior Primary Prose

Winner: Rohan Flemming, Age 8, “Watch Out”, Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW                                                                                                                                             

Highly Commended: Romeo Zhang, Age 8,  “Water monster Attack” Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW

Highly Commended: Adam Denney, Age 8, “Isaac and the Snowy Mountains”,  Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW                                 

Commended: Lockie Locastro, Age 7, “Best Friends forever  “, Marilyan State School   Etty Bay, Qld

Commended: Jake Upson,  Age 8,  “Basketball Dreams”,  Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW

Section 5 Open Poetry

Winner: Jude Aquilina,  “The Strzeleicki”, Milang, SA             

Highly Commended: Brenda Joy,  “My Tropic Home”, Charters Towers, Qld                         

Commended: Leanne Morton, Paperbark Tree”,  Trinity Beach, Qld  

Section 6 Bush Poetry

Winner: Neil Mumford, “This Old Land of Mine”, Port Pirie, SA 

Highly Commended: Jim Kent, “Hoopy Snakes and Drop Bears”,  Port Fairy, Vic

Highly Commended: Peter O’Shaughnessy,  “Mandildjarra Mourning”, Eaton, WA

Commended: Peter White,  “An Australian Apocalypse “, Eagleby, Qld

Commended: Leanne Morton, “Well Again”, Cairns, Qld 

Section 7 Young Adult Poetry

Winner: Scarlett Lake Gorman,  Age 15, “The Boy Alone “, Northcot High     Fitzroy North, Vic                 

Highly Commended: Matthew Platakos,  Age 16, “World Plastique”, Rosebank College  Ashfield,   NSW                        

Highly Commended: Portia Hoole, Age 15, Stay Until Sunrise”, Toowoomba East                

Commended: Amy Richardson, Age 16 , “Goodbye”, Launceston College, Tas                              

Commended: Ruth Foote,  Age 13, “Bushfires”,  North Rocks, NSW   Home School

Section 8 Junior Poetry

Winner: Isabelle Doo,  Age 12, “The Reading Room”, Arunde,l Qld                 

Highly Commended:  Ehan Ali, Age 10, “Blue”Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW                                   

Highly Commended: Cushla Booth, Age 10, “The Boy and the Girl”, Alphington Primary, Vic                       

Highly Commended: Ehan Ali,  Age 10, “By the Beach”, Knox  grammar Prep School, NSW                        

Commended: Kate Nicholas Edgar, Age 11,  “Forest”, Traralgon, Vic                              

Commended: Maya Ilierski,  Age 11, “Anxiety”, Oak Park Primary,  Vic                             

Commended: Amaeh Reed,  Age 12, “Black Saturday”,  Cairns,   Qld   

Section 9 Junior Primary Poetry

Winner: Jake Upson, Age 8, The ANZAC”, Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW

Highly Commended: Jake Upson,  Age 8, “Blue”  Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW     

Highly Commended: Rohan Flemming,  Age 8, “Black”, Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW          

Commended: Jayden Qin,  Age 8, In the Dark of Night”,  Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW                

Commended: Felix Zeng, Age 8, “Knox Values”,  Knox Grammar Prep School, NSW

Congratulations to all these poets and authors who made the job of the judges very difficult but immensely enjoyable. Thank you all for supporting our competition. Keep writing.