Laura Literary Awards

$780 Prize Money

The Laura Literary Awards are co-ordinated by Rocky River ‘Riters and proudly sponsored by The Flinders News and Rocky River ‘Riters. Closing date for 2018 Laura Literary Awards is on Friday 13th April 2018. Please post your entries in plenty of time to reach us by the above date. Winners will be announced on 23 June 2018 at our Presentation night.
2018 Laura Literary Awards entry form

Congratulations and Thanks to all Entrants to the Laura Literary Awards.

‘A Man Alone’ by David Campbell and ‘Mr Takuma’ by Coco Huang have been included in the Award Winning Australian Writing Anthology.

Poetry and Prose sections Competition for 2017 now finalised, see Winners List below

List of winners from PRESENTATION NIGHT 2017 at Gladstone, South Australia

Open Prose

Winner: “Three Streams That Run Swiftest” by Carmel Lillis,  Yarraville Victoria

Highly Commended: “Waiting”  by Catherine Mojsiewicz, Strathmore Victoria

Highly Commended: :   “The Retired Dogger”   by John Strano, Eumundi Queensland

Commended:     “Winter’s Garden” by Emma Jeffries, Crystal Brook, South Australia

Commended:     “Getting Home” by Margot Ogilvie, Victor Harbour South Australia

Young Adult Prose

Winner: “Mr Takuma”  by Coco Huang,  16yrs,  Waitara, New South Wales

Highly Commended: “Eliza Jane”  by Kodi Sawtell, 15 yrs, Coochin Queensland

Highly Commended: “The Long Road to Melanga” by Daniel Selvadurai, 17 yrs, Gordon New South Wales

Commended: “It Could Have Been Anyone” by Christina Chislett, 17yrs, Parkdale, Victoria

Commended: “Homework” by Christina Chislett, 17 yrs, Parkdale, Victoria

Judges Encouragement Award: “Professor Onions” by  Lilly Bowyer, 10yrs, Crystal Brook, South Australia

Junior Prose

Winner: “The Choosing” by Kelsea Thomson, 12yrs,  Mackay, Queensland

Highly Commended: “Charlie” by Mia Gebhardt,  9yrs, Ashburton, Victoria

Highly Commended: “Alinga the Sun” by Maddi Harris, 11yrs,  Port Pirie, South Australia

Commended: “Camping Castastrophe” by  Ashley Walker,    12yrs   Hobart Tasmania

Commended: “The Visitor” by  Elisabeth Koh,  11yrs,  Erskineville New South Wales

Junior Primary Prose

Winner: “Snowy and Sophie”  by Lilla Watt, 7 yrs, Hackett, ACT

Highly Commended: “Who Stole The Nuts”  by Joshua Utley, 8yrs, Springvale South, Victoria

Highly Commended: “Memraser” by Jotham Chu,  7yrs, Burwood, Victoria

Commended: “The Heroes” by Andy Johnson, 6yrs, Greensborough Victoria

Commended: “The Thief” by Andy Johnson, 6yrs, Greensborough Victoria

Open Poetry:

Winner: “-A Farmer’s Yard” by Edith Speers, Dover, Tasmania

Highly Commended: In a Mangrove World”  by Brenda Joy  Coochiemudlo Island, Queensland

Commended: “Soldiers” Lily Webster,Caves Beach, New South Wales

Open Bush Poetry

Winner: “A Man Alone” by David Campbell,  Aireys Inlet.  Victoria

Highly Commended: “As Shadows Fall” by Brenda Joy, Coochiemudlo Island Queensland

Commended: “Windmill” by Neil Mumford, Port Pirie, South Australia

Young Adult Poetry:

Winner: “The Innocence of Birds”  by Daniel Selvadurai, 17 yrs, Gordon, New South Wales

Highly Commended: “Sanctuaries” by Jemivieve Saravanja, 14, yrs, Colac, Victoria

Commended: “Lonely Lives” by Matilda Farr, 15yrs , Turrawan, New South Wales

Junior Poetry:

Winner: “Survivors of the Land” by Matea Zhao, 9 yrs, Brisbane Queensland

Highly Commended: “Autumn Leaf” by Ashley Walker, 12 yrs, Hobart Tasmania

Highly Commended: “A Battle” by Samara Gracias, 11yrs,  Wembee, Victoria

Commended: “A Nurse in World War One” by Amelia Coe, 11 yrs  Gladstone, South Australia

Junior Primary Poetry

Winner: “The Flowing River” by Molly Wallace,  8 yrs, Hurstbridge, Victoria

Highly Commended: “My Dream” by Anishka Acharya,  7 yrs, Carseldine, Queensland

Highly Commended: “I Am” by Sarah Tootell, 8 yrs, Wollongong, New South Wales

Commended: “The Deep Sea” by Emily Moscarda, 8 yrs, Sorento, Western Australia

Commended: “Paris” by Sebastian Cheng, 4yrs

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all entrants from the Rocky River ‘Riters.