A Crumbling View

rusty old, whit and read railway carriage

By Jonathan Hawkins-Clarke

Solid and neat it sat at the base of the hill as it climbs
Steepening to trap the slow vehicle in speed declines.

Red and clear in fixed form with doors closed
Only an occasional weed vision interposed.

Each trip back home by motorised steed
Gave a view of this structure left indeed.

Year on year, the view changed in form
As the colour faded form was left forlorn.

Red through rust to brown and grey
Colours and form through times delay.

Slowly the shape from rectangular shape
As structure sagged and timbers drape.

Then the internal form did reach its last
And walls and roof were downward cast.

Each pass was a time lapse motion’s push
Of a proud railway carriage’s turn to mush.

Jonathan Hawkins-Clarke   copyright 9/6/2020

Author’s Note: RRRs exercise to write about a crumbling view