October 2022

Rocky River ‘Riters’ reading for September was Truth by Peter Temple. The reading for October is a personal choice book report. (The library’s book of the month hadn’t arrived in time.)

Members choose new words and phrases from readings they do in the month. Words included shot-clog, maleficent, abysmal and perfidy.

Quotes included “Sleep taunted out of unreachable distance.”

Each month there is a writing challenge to members to write about the topic for the following month’s meeting. This challenge is open to anyone who wishes to enter. The topic is given and a piece needs to be written to that topic before next meeting. If you wish to enter, please write a short piece of prose or poetry to the topic and send to our secretary at ruby_08@bigpond.com before September 6th. The challenge for October is to write about “The Villain”.

Rocky River ‘Riters’ meetings are in Gladstone the second Friday of every month. Please contact us for meeting information. Our next meeting will be on November 11th.

The creative writing meetings are on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Diocesan Hall in Gladstone. The next session will be Saturday 29th October .

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our group – jhhc@bigpond.com.       Phone 0417849441

Go to Rocky River ‘Riters’ website:    https://rockyriverriters.club

Happy reading and writing to everyone. Be brave – write a letter today – surprise a friend.