Valentine’s Day

Jonathan Hawkins-Clarke   copyright 14/3/2015
Author’s Note: RRRs exercise to write about Valentine’s Day

It was coming soon the teacher said;
a fantasy that drew him from his bed.
To seek, himself, to be at school on time.
Something new – to go without a whine.

The box was there with decorations many,
with the best done by his mate Denny.
The hole for the envelopes gaped wide
so that the missives could safely go inside.

Then, on this day, the removals would be done
with each student tallying to get the magic fun.
Time had been given, and extras overnight,
to get those cards done, entire, just right.

Now, the best of the day to come, with opening of box.
Each student’s rapt and fixed attention unblinking as a fox.
The pile was sorted and each name read aloud,
with cards accumulating made recipients proud.