Identical Twins

Mature twin sisters

I am not an identical twin! One of me was enough.

Thought of being one is daunting. Would twin A be a complete copy of twin B? This labelling denotes differences which should be highlighted in every way! Different names especially contrasting initials!

Be adventurous and adopt one out! Keep together and document all contrasting behaviour! Focus on strengths and try to minimise less favourable behaviours when you can.

Make sure everyone (rellies) treats them equally but don’t do that yourself.

Sybil McCulloch

September 2015

Space and time to find himself
limited not to his own pelf.
Reaching the point of no return,
waiting for the name to learn.

Leaching space around his form
as if life itself was the norm.
He sought to find the state to be
reaching red tape as high as his knee.

Each place a form of déjà vu,
even though, each, brand new.
Strange the place and feel
each clash made him reel.

How could all this be so
and yet he really did know
that the reactions he did feel
were from himself, other, real.

A brother true but never known
living clear another life to clone.
A twin cleft from him at birth
only now chased to earth.

Jonathan Hawkins-Clarke   copyright 29/8/2015

Author’s Note: RRRs exercise to write about identical twins